In development

Medicinal cannabis study

Currently Dr. Noller is working with medical colleagues preparing to carry out New Zealand’s first scientific study of the use of medicinal cannabis by formally diagnosed patients.

The project, titled A Case Series Study Observing the Impact of Medicinal Cannabis in Recipients Who Have Been Assessed with Having a Medical Need, is an observational study aiming to explore how the use of cannabis by formally diagnosed patients affects their health, as well as examining the attitudes of physicians treating these patients.

The project will recruit formally diagnosed patients who use cannabis for a known medical condition, with the knowledge of their doctor whether or not their physician personally agrees with the use of cannabis as a medicine.

An observational study of a case series, the research will involve interviewing patients and their doctors, as well as the administering of psychometrically validated questionnaires (e.g. the SF-36) to patients, and reviewing patients’ medical notes.

Once ethical approval has been gained, it is anticipated the project will take approximately nine months to recruit participants, collect data and be written up.

Progress to date includes:

  • ethics application is well underway and likely to be submitted by September 2016
  • a research team including two medical doctors and a senior medical student have committed to the project with Dr. Noller
  • funding has commenced, with $2,000 already raised, and a programme established to develop a crowd funding platform, as well as securing other grants