Outputs from research undertaken by Dr. Noller and available for download include the following publications and reports.

Ibogaine and Subjective Experience: Transformative States and Psychopharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder – Brown, T. K., Noller, G., & Denenberg, J. 2019 Link to PDF

Potential risk for fatal drug overdose perceived by people using opioid drugs – Deering et al 2018 Link to PDF

Ibogaine treatment outcomes for opioid dependence from a twelve-month follow-up observational study – Noller, G. 2018 Link to PDF

Synthetic Cannabinoid Use in New Zealand: Assessing the harms. Report for The Star Trust – Noller, G. 2014  Link to PDF

An Evaluation of the Moana House Residential Therapeutic Community – Anderson, Deering, Hinerangi, Huriwai, Noller 2010  Link to PDF

Literature Review and Assessment Report on MDMA / Ecstasy. Report for National Drug Policy Population Health Directorate, Ministry of Health. Wellington: New Zealand – Noller, G. 2009 Link to PDF

Cannabis in New Zealand: Use, users and policy (PhD Thesis) – Noller, G. 2008  Link to PDF