Evaluations and Reviews

Dr. Noller regularly undertakes programme evaluations and reviews of practise and policy for NGOs, industry and government.

Programme evaluations typically fall into two categories: formative (or process) and outcome (or summative).

Formative evaluations look at what leads to an intervention working and often occurs in the early stages of a project’s implementation. Outcome evaluations consider a project or intervention’s outputs and outcomes over the short, medium and longterm, and are generally applied to more “mature” interventions or projects.

Projects may be done in partnership with other researchers and/or staff of the organisation being evaluated, or independently.

Clients and reporting

Evaluation reports of programmes and policy may be confidential and remain the property of the contracting organisation or be available for limited distribution, or may be published in the public sphere. Reports and past clients include:

  • Synthetic Cannabinoid Use in New Zealand: Assessing the harms. Report #1. The Star Trust. Auckland: New Zealand. (2014) (report here)
  • An Evaluation of the Moana House Residential Therapeutic Community. Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand. (2010) (report here)
  • Literature Review and Assessment Report on MDMA / Ecstasy. Report for the Population Health Directorate. Ministry of Health. Wellington: New Zealand. (2009) (report here)
  • New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme, various:
    • Options For Hepatitis C Support, Diagnosis and Treatment Pathways For People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) In New Zealand. (2014)
    • Implementation of the 2008 Review of the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme. Outcome: provide direction and guidance on the implementation of the recommendations of the 2008 review of the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme produced by the Burnet Institute. (2013)
    • Evaluation of the West Coast Region Mobile Outreach Service: targeted distribution of injection equipment and drug education via home visits by authorised mobile Rodger Wright Centre (NEP) personnel. (2012)
    • 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey of South Island Needle Exchanges—Rodger Wright Centre and Satellites (Nelson, New Brighton, Dunedin, Invercargill), and Timaru. Report and Analysis for the Rodger Wright Centre. (2012)