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Dear Dr. Noller – I am a psychologist in Princeton NJ USA. I am interested in ibogaine treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Can you point me to any research studies or information. I am interested in IBO+ as it has been used for PD. Any info re: mfg or supplier would be appreciated. Is it possible to access database of observational studies.
Thank you for your good work !! I would like to participate in some way. Best regards,
Pat Vroom, PhD

Pat hi

Thanks for your email and sorry for the slow reply. Unfortunately I can’t be of any real help. I’m aware that there has been some interest in using ibogaine to treat Parkinson’s but I’m not aware that any significant results have been achieved. Regarding Ibo+, I had some correspondence with the manufacturer of this product a couple of years ago. However, my understanding is that there were some issues with its production and that presently it is unavailable. In this regard you might try tracking down Bob Sisko, its developer, but I don’t have his contact details. Sorry I can’t be of more help.



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